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Hair Removal, Eye Brow Tinting & Eye Lash Tinting – Grimsby, Ontario

Recently established in the spa industry, Pure Oasis Medi Spa is a media spa that does it all. From hair removal and wax treatments to facial treatments and anti-aging applications, we are your place to go for premium skin care & beautification services. We utilize a variety of waxes to suit different skin types. Pure Oasis welcomes clients from Grimsby, Brantford, Burlington, Hamilton, Lincoln, Cambridge & Dundas. Our estheticians use their industry knowledge to select the product that it best for you. Waxing is form of semi-permanent hair removal, which actually removes the hair from the root. It is commonly known that new hair will not grow back in the previously waxed area for 2-8 weeks, even though some people experience regrowth much sooner. Apart from waxing & hair removal services, Pure Oasis Medi Spa offers:

A great benefit of hair removal via waxing is that nearly all areas of the body can be waxed, including:

  • eyebrows
  • face
  • bikini area
  • legs
  • arms
  • back
  • abdomen
  • feet

At Pure Oasis Medi Spa, eyebrow and eye lash tinting is a treatment in which a hint of semi-permanent tint is used to make light brows and eye lashes darker. We offer this service to any client interested, but recommend it primarily for those with lighter eyebrows & eye lashes. If you live in or around the Grimsby, Brantford, Burlington, Hamilton, Lincoln, Cambridge or Dundas area, we encourage you to visit our medi spa.

About city of Grimsby :

  • Population: 25,325
  • Province: Ontario
  • Nearby Cities: Dundas, Brantford, Burlington, Hamilton, Lincoln, Cambridge

Description: Grimsby is a town on Lake Ontario in the Niagara Region, Ontario, Canada. Grimsby is a part of the Hamilton Census Metropolitan Area. The majority of residents reside in the area bounded by Lake Ontario and the Niagara Escarpment.

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